Home Mechanical Ventilation

We offer acute post-patient care as well as the ventilation optimization and monitoring of long-term home care. In addition, there is the option to live with us in patient urbanization. This is an excellent alternative to traditional nursing homes, most of which are not equipped for this type of care.

24/7 Service

Our nationwide network is available 24/7 to give you the care you need:



  • Planning with you and your treating physicians with a specialist
  • Preparation and procurement of all nursing and medical apparatus, instruments and equipment
  • Advice and assistance in the reimbursement by health insurance


Respiration Center


Our beautiful villa is a wonderful alternative if you need acute post-patient care, such as optimized breathing or such as permanent patient monitoring.


The living environment is also ideal for patients who would be spending days at home. This is an opportunity to seek contact with people in similar situations!


In addition to the domestic intensive care, we offer our patients the same benefits in special residential communities at our sites.


In Stuttgart, you will be directly looked after by the Stuttgart Red Cross hospital in our breathing center. In the Villa Belle, you will be carefully cared by of our medical and nursing personnel.



Medical Facilities


Our expert team manages the complete demand-planning process of the medical and nursing-care facilities for hospitals and specialist clinics. We draft successful furnishing concepts for pharmacies and completely implement the project from the planning to the project management.